The micro-contact printing instrument line covers a semiautomatic benchtop instrument (µ-CP 3.0) and a Process Validation Module (PVM-A) for use on a standard inverse light microscope. Both systems feature the same stamping procedure .

Semiautomatic Micro-Contact-Printing System µ-CP 3.0

µ-CP 3.0   µ-CP 3.0 Work Desk


Main Unit

Substrate holder


Capacity for four slides 1" by 3", adjustable by vernier drives (X, Y, φ, alignment accuracy is 5 microns for printing two layers, one on top of the other

Stamp holder / Print head


Automatic grabbing/ discarding of the stamp


Inking/ drying station


Accomodates up to four stamps, ink supply by slides 1" by 3", lifting table for inking, drying with8 air jets, blotting fleece

Stamp shuttle   Linear rail shifts up to four stamps between ink station and stamp holder  Enlarge...

Video system


Monitoring of the stamping process/ alignment of different stamps (for transparent substrates only), VHS compatible



Casting station


Offboard manufacturing of the stamps (Master structure on silicon chip required)




MS-Windows computer with preinstalled µ-CP 3.0 software



Operator manual, software


Preinstalled on netbook





Weight: approx. 35 kg, Size: approx. 63 cm x 53 cm x 37 cm (WxLxH)




(for µ-CP3.0 only)




Stamps and holders
Customized stamps
  Stamps of different sizes and shapes, please ask. Standard formats: 10mm x 10mm, 20mm x 20mm  Enlarge...
Large size stamp holder NEW!
For stamps up to 20mm footprint. Optionally with upright alignment camera. Stamp alignment now even for non-transparent substrates.  Enlarge...
Substrate tables  

Heatable substrate holder


Thins film heater for NIL, air cooling



Substrate holder for cell culture plates


For stamping into 24 well cell culture plates

Rotating substrate holder   For NIL at inert gas atmosphere, with N2 chamber  Enlarge...
Wafer Table 110 mm NEW!
A heatable and coolable support for wafers up to 110mm, including vacuum fixation.  Enlarge...
Flow-Through-Stamp NEW!
For cells and particle deposition out of a flow. The recessed stamp patterns shape microfluidic structures on the substrate. Sealing is given by a mechanical support like for MicCell.  Enlarge...

External UV lamp


Optical fiber link to the print head, for rapid NIL



Internal LED array


For occasional NIL


Air compressor


Pressurized, clean air, max. 5 bar





Humidification of the instrument chamber, < 75% rel. humidity

Manual Micro-Contact-Printing System µ-CP - PVM-A

PVM-A   For rapid process development and validation, available at reduced rate for customers of µ-CP3.0

PVM-A fits on the stage of most inverse light microscopes. Please contact us with details of your microscope model (Microscope is not included).