This section introduces components for the design of application specific microfluidic systems. Micro casting of PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) provides optical transparent flow-through cells (MicCell).  GeSiM offers complete kits for home made PDMS cells.

Alternatively, GeSiM's micromachining department designs and manufactures customized flow-through cells from different materials. Customer's layouts are welcome.


Our PDMS casting station enables home made microfluidic cells. Explore the possibilities of the microscope tool MicCell .


Coated silicon wafers have proofen as masters for PDMS casting.

Micro Valve 

Robustness is a main benefit of the compact hydrogel valves.


The flow sensors measure flows up to 70 microliter per minute. They come with standard fittings. If dead volume matters they are also amenable for integration into microfluidic systems.  

Syringe Pump

Macrofluidic components as well as software enables the convenient supply of microfluidic flow through cells.