3D - Structuring

As a fully equipped microsystems company with own cleanroom facilities for handling wafers up to 4 inches (10 cm), we offer

  • Production of inexpensive photo masks and photolithography
  • Wet chemical etching of silicon and glass
  • Dry plasma enhanced etching of silicon
  • ultrasonic drilling and micro-blasting of various materials  

Dry Plasma Enhanced Etching of Silicon

Also called ASE (Advanced silicon etching) 

  • Single wafer process.
  • Anisotropic etching process, but side wall angle independent from crystal orientation.
  • Convenient to produce high-density 3D designs.

ASE Microchannel  ASE Pores  Super rough surface Super rough surface
Three dimensional flow through system Micro pores, realized by ASE at presence of insulated platinum electrodes.
 Creation of super rough surfaces by our special ASE techniques.

Ultrasonic Drilling and Micro Blasting

  • Material: glass, silicon, glass-silicon wafer stacks, quartz
  • Geometry: shape of boreholes or breakthrough objects independent of crystal orientation
  • Hole diameter > 200 µm for 150 to 1000 µm thick substrates
  • Side wall angle: 90°±5° for ultrasonic drilling, 75°±10° for micro-blasting  

Anisotropic Wet Chemical Etching of Silicon using a KOH solution

  • Batch process possible, therefore economical.
  • Anisotropic etching process, side wall angle depends on crystal orientation.
  • Generation of smooth surfaces.
Inner Structure of a piezoelectric dispenser
 Etched Pore of a Micro Sieve
GeSiM Dispenser . View from the pump chamber of the fluid inlet. 

Micro Injector Sieve

Isotropic Wet Chemical Etching of Glass Using HF Solution

  • Isotropic etching process (creates round channels).
  • Channel depth from 3 microns up to 700 microns.