Nano PlotterTM: DNA- and Protein Arrays, Cell Pipetting, Reverse Phase Arrays, Assays, Biosensors, MALDI-targets, ...

The Nano-PlotterTM family is ideal to generate high-quality spots by non-contact microdispensing of sub-nanoliter volumes. The versatile “drop on demand” piezo technology allows the placement of very small drops onto various surfaces, but also the mixing of samples into pre-filled cavities to run nano-assays. The compact instruments are your ideal companion for the development and production of biochips and for many other liquid handling tasks

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Key Benefits

  • Micromachined piezoelectric micropipettes with unrivalled performance
  • Small footprint
  • Quiet yet quick operation
  • Excellent spot quality
  • No contact between pipette and target surface, i.e., no scratching
  • Variation of spot volumes/sizes by changing the drop count (from ~ 100 picoliters)
  • High reproducibility and low CV between spots
  • Arbitrary spot patterns with arbitrary printhead configurations
  • Almost unlimited number of spots with a single pipette load
  • Can handle many different sample types
  • Less impact on sensitive samples (like protein solutions)
  • Standard liquid handling possible using “passive” tips
  • Modular design for easy after-sales upgrades  
  NP 2.1/E
  Pipet Head with 8 tips

GeSiM products are highly amenable to customization. Our expert technicians will adapt hard and software components to integrate our systems into specific robotic or other automated user applications.

Nano-Plotter NP2.1

The Nano-Plotter system for high throughput production, and for high density and high precision spot positioning. The system's XY robotic stage is available in two different sizes. (NP 2.1 bzw. NP 2.1/E).

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NP2.1 for 55 slides (26 x 76) mm2   NP2.1/E for 115 slides (26 x 76) mm2
  • 1 to 16 tips (smallest drop volume 70 picoliter)
  • Positioning speed up to 50 cm/sec
  • Repetition accuracy up ±10 microns
  • Array densities > 2500 cm-2
  • Extensive line of accessories available


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