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07 July 2014: On our way to a complete refreshment of product brochures we have now published catalogues on the MicCell more...  Product Catalogues

"Donut-shaped chambers..." (RSC Publishing), April 2014
16 June 2014: Israeli collaborators publish new results on the single cell analysis using a kind of "picowells" more...  

"Bioprinted Organs: Disruptive or Elusive?" (emdt, Spring 2014)
06 June 2014: Thomas Klein, the Managing Editor of emdt (UK) publishes a review article on bioprinting of organs. Among more...  

Development of protein coding DNA arrays at The Babraham Institute (Cambridge, UK)
06 June 2014: Analytik, the GeSiM distributor in UK and Ireland, reports on research work at the Babraham Institute more...  Development of protein coding DNA arrays at The Babraham Institute (Cambridge, UK)


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GeSiM is a leading supplier of instrumentation and services for low-volume liquid handling and microfluidics. Being in business since 1995 GeSiM focuses on off-the-shelf products (E.g. non-contact microarrayers) as well as tailored solutions. 

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