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5th June: This month we will be present at a German biofabrication meeting in Wuerzburg (D), "Strategies in Tissue more...  Upcoming Exhibitions

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06. Mai: Wir suchen eine(n) Mechatroniker(in) oder Techniker(in) mit vergleichbarer Qualifikation. Sie möchten more...  Mechatroniker gesucht


Welcome to GeSiM!

GeSiM is a leading supplier of instrumentation and services for low-volume liquid handling and microfluidics. Being in business since 1995 GeSiM focuses on off-the-shelf products (E.g. non-contact microarrayers) as well as tailored solutions.

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Picoliter Dispensing Products Picolitre Pipetting/ Dispensing Products  
  Micro Arrayers (Nano-Plotter)   Piezoelectric Dispensers
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BioScaffolder   Bioprinting Products    
Contact Printers Micro-Contact Printers  
Instruments Applications
Nano-Imprint-Lithography (NIL)
Microfluidic Products Microfluidic Products
    Microfluidics Built to Order   Microfluidic Applications
    PDMS Flow-Through-Cells   Micro Valves
    Coating   Flow Sensors for Liquids
    Photo Masks   Wafer Dicing
    Syringe Pumps   Masters for Embossing and PDMS Casting
BioSyntheSizer Synthesizer Robots



GESIM instruments at a glance.
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